How to Become Fatter…or Avoid It

Fat is a natural part of our bodies. You can’t live without fat. Seriously, the person with the least amount of fat was a body builder who still had 3% body fat, right before dying. As you may know, fat is a storage of energy. Why does our body need this energy storage?

Our body runs on blood sugar. If you’ve ever tried starving yourself and got a headache, it is because your blood sugar dropped and your brain started running out of energy. When our blood sugar gets low, our body starts converting fat into sugar.

When we eat, some of the food is converted to sugar which enter our blood stream to run our body. If we get too much sugar in our blood, it can actually be toxic (diabetes). So our bodies respond by producing insulin which tell the body to start storing the energy as fat to be used for later. Unfortunately, for many people, later never comes and the fat keeps on multiplying.

Insulin Response to Blood SugarInsulin is the main contributor to fat-gain. To begin fat-loss, you need to lower your insulin levels by controlling how much sugar enters your blood stream. The most effective way to do this is with a low-carb diet.

The reason to avoid carbs temporarily while losing fat, is because carbs metabolize really quickly into blood sugar. This is bad for fat loss because insulin meals. The resuoverreacts with high carb lt is your body stores more of the food you eat as body fat.

Compare the two graphs on the right. The first is an example of a meal with mostly carbs. Since carbs break down so quickly, you see a big spike in blood sugar which is followed by an even bigger spike in insulin.

The second graph is an example of a meal with mostly proteins, fats, and vegetables. Because these types of foods convert to blood sugar slowly, there is no peak and the blood sugar level is fairly constant.

There is another side-effect of high-carb meals. Notice in the first graph, there is a large dip in blood sugar right after the peak. This is because the insulin did it’s job TOO well. When your blood sugar is low (below the red line) your body begins to tell your brain to eat more. This causes you to over-eat. The graphs below illustrate this:

Blood Sugar and Hunger

In the next post, I will outline how to lose fat quickly and easily.


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